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Money & Time are the blood of a business, don't let yours run out. Apply now to discover how to boost your sales and grow your brand

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The set up of a floating futuristic marketing agency

What 96% of local service-based businesses ignore

Not having sales and working unnecessarily hard are common consequences. (Not Automating :/ )
"I don't need a System or Website"
- don't you need Sales?

• Automate Processes (AI)
• Brand Strategy
• Credibility & Trust
• Hands-Off Client Acquisition

Awful Website
Awful Company

This is absolutely not the case, but in the monkey brain of consumers they associate your image with your quality.

Lack of System

You can look very elegant and pretty, but you have to build a strategic and automatic system, taking into account the point of view of your client. The experience with your brand makes the sale

The HYBRID SYSTEM for your business

We believe that focusing on what truly matters is the way to achieve results. That's why our elite web creation and marketing team can set up the most luxurious website and automate processes A.K.A HYBRID SYSTEMTo bring the results your business needs.

Watch this video to find out how

Peptide Gold, the ultimate research peptides brand

Brand identity
Graphic design
Web development

The UK based company is committed to educating and informing you about the peptides that are available. With their unique tailored custom blends and mg’s they stand above all the rest.

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peptide gold fitness store ecommerce website hero section by ivan andres correa web solutions agency

Baleares Renovables

Brand identity
Graphic design
Web development


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Project mockup 2

Fuchsia, financial app of the future

Brand identity
Graphic design
Web development


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Web example of the agency previous work

R studio, architecture

Brand identity
Graphic design
Web development


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Web example of the agency previous work
1. A website you are proud of

Our team of designers and developers work in harmony to bring your vision to life. We understand that your website is the virtual doorway to your brand, and we're committed to making it extraordinary. From intuitive user interfaces to seamless navigation, we design with purpose, creating an immersive experience that leaves a lasting impression and increases sales.

2. rELAX, while being Lightning-fast & ultra-reliable

Say goodbye to sluggish loading times and mechanical workflow. Cutting-edge Webflow supported ensures your website lightning speed. Strategic Automations and artificial intelligence leaves you hands-free of recurring operations while being more reliable than ever, you´ll never miss a prospect. 24/7 monitoring, robust security measures, and seamless scalability, your website remains online and performing at its peak.

3. more hand-raising, more sales

Driving traffic is just the first step; converting visitors into loyal customers is where the magic happens

• Copywriting & Strategic Design

a laptop and books and people working on the marketing process and making money
4.    CONVENIENCE, All-in-1

• Run Ads
• Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
• Social Media Content Creation & Video Editing
• Copywriting & Funnel Building
• Web Design & Development
• Graphic Design
• Email Marketing
• High Value Content Offer Creation (HVCO)
• Automations & Artificial Intelligence (AI)

What our Clients say
Very good work! Just what I needed to expand my sales.


December 22, 2023

Very good work! Just what I needed to expand my sales.


December 22, 2023

Hello, super efficient and punctual, I have gained many clients and boosted my business. Is the best! THANK YOU. THANKS. DANKE

Maria Elena Varela doku

December 31, 2023

Ivan is a really good web developer and trustworthy. He has never let me down and he guarantees full refund in any case. If you are deciding on who to trust Ivan is your guy! 😌

Maddison Naylor

November 27, 2023

Incredible service! Very timely and clearly a lot of expertise behind the practice. Would recommend over and over again

Adro barquero

January 1, 2024

Amazing experience with this website building and digital marketing page. Their professional team not only designed a stunning website for my business, but they also implemented effective marketing strategies that significantly improved our online presence. Customer service is exceptional, always willing to answer questions and offer quick solutions. Highly recommended for those looking for quality and amazing results in the digital world!

Felipe Bernal Garcia

December 5, 2023

Professional and fast work, friendly staff and great, understandable input. Highly recommended to anyone who wants to finally get started with their business!

friedemann waitz

December 5, 2023

Claim FREE Strategy Call

On the strategy call (with Iván) we´ll have a conversation about YOUR business. You´ll be able to tell us what you are struggling with, what your main pain points are, how your goals look like and anything you want to ask. You will get professional advice, a handful of tips/ strategies and ultimately, a step by step guide, completely tailord to YOU on how to break those frustrating problems once and for all (normal value of 39€).

We will provide with effective viable solutions that you can easely take and apply. And if we genuinly think we can help you grow, we´ll implement the HYBRID SYSTEM, setting you up in the success track to achieve your entrepreneurial dreams and lifestyle.
Top 3 most common mistakes holding your fantastic service to explode in sales
Actual and tangible 8 step guide on how to sell like crazy
The exact secrets that your website needs to unlock your lead generation machine
what automatic system to never EVER struggle to get clients again
the top Tools you specifically need in your business mission

• GoHighLevel (CRM)
• Webflow (Website builder & CMS)
• Shopify (Ecommerce)
• Zapier (Automations)
And more... Discover which ones you NEED.

all the apps and tools for your company and marketing efforts
your free blue light blocking glasses if you end up working with us
FREE blue light blocking glasses

Get yourself a free pair of glasses (just cover the shipping, really) by booking the call to see if we can work together or not. This is also optional, if you already got some, that´s cool.

the social media platforms to Be on, according to your objectives & service.

• FaceBook
• Google
• TikTok
• Instagram

logos of the most popular social media networks where your business has to create content and advertise on
the markets and market places to make marketing and business growth efforts
strategies you need to grow

• Up-sells, Cross-sells
• Reputation Management (GBP)
• Process Automation

Free Ad creative or image asset!

You get an asset that is yours forever, you´ll own the rights to use it for anything you want, you can edit it, sell it ANYTHING! It will be either shot by our audivisual team or generated by our AI experts

an example of a free ad creative or image asset created by our ai (artificial inteligence) team or our content creation team

Total normal price of 18.95$, available for FREE today

We work with only 5 Clients!

If you haven't booked your strategy call, god knows when you´re gonna be able to do it, since we commit to only offer the strategy call for free, as long as we have a free spot to work with us. Only 5 at the time!
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100% MONEY BACK Guarantee No Questions Asked.

We make our clients 100% proud, satisfied, relieved, AND excited with the Hybrid System and the results it brings. We refund 100% + we´ll give FREE web hosting and maintenance for up to a year.
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